Temporary WiFi

We Provide Temporary WiFi Solutions to give you internet access no matter what your needs. Events, Trade Fairs, Emergency backups we have you covered.

Temporary WiFi

We understand the importancy of having a reliable internet connection at events, thats why at Nextgenn we are proud to offer temporary internet services, whether you host events or would like to provide internet to your guests at an event/gathering we would love to work alongside you to ensure you achieve all your goals.

We use the latest technology to provide you with the internet, this could be from cellular or satellite we can then distribute this signal via cabling or wirelessly around your location to provide maximum coverage where you need it most.

Event WiFi systems are critical to the success of an event. Deployments can range from a small WiFi hotspot for press or production to site-wide deployments for attendees.

Nextgenn has developed a number of WiFi systems specially for temporary deployments so service continues, regardless of any external influences such as power loss and interference.

How Our Kit Works

Our Kit is fully self sufficient We have mobile masts we can deploy to place our AP's Higher up, these connect to our mobile data connection.

Our Kit can be both completely wireless or wired we use mobile telecom & Satellite to access the data network this connection is then distributed around your site.

Use the slider to see how we added Temporary WiFi to this campground during its winter transformation into outdoor exhibition.

before after