Outdoor WiFi

We can provide weather proof devices to expand your network further.

Outdoor WiFi

Having a WiFi Connection whilst being outside may seem like a novelty, but to some they may see it as a potential marketing opportunity, offering WiFi in all areas of your location will not only attract your customers but allow you to expand your services further.

We can install WiFi in virtually any environment whilst keeping the devices as hidden as possible, Using technology called Point to Point we can send our internet signal up to 17Km Line of sight and pick up the signal at the other end.

This allows us to create wide area networks spanning across estates of plots of land.

We dont use off the shelf equipment you can buy in your local tech store, we use business grade equipment and start from the ground up, we carry out a site visit to determine where the key areas of the property are, we take into factor the property itself such as walls, furniture and potential interference and work out a game plan from there.

We will then plan out a WiFi Network offsite and then work with yourself to install the kit and bring the network online, we will then test all of the network and then handover the network ready for use, its as simple as that.

How Our Kit Works

We where asked to improve the WiFi on a large home in Caldy, wirral. When we arrived the home had three BT infinity Lines incoming to the house this meant there was 3 BT Hubs placed around the house and the WiFi was still terrible let alone having to connect to each netwrok as you walked thought the house.

We Used one line (BT Infinity Fibre) rerouted the line to our Network box and installed our Access Points from there, we placed two access points at the fursted points of the house and one in the middle to create a bubble effect.

The outcome was full signal all over the house and one seamless network that roamed with you.