Mobile WiFi

Need Data whilst out on the go? We have you covered.

We have built the technology to allow us to offer fibre speeds on the go, wether you are traveling from site to site and need access to the internet or would like to fit our services to your vehicles we can help.

We offer a plug and play device that allows you to connect up to 20 devices from the press of a button, we call this "WiFi To Go"

What is Wifi To Go

It's a Device that connects to the 12V connector in a vehicle, and transmits a Wi-Fi signal to a small area around it. That means that as long as you have network coverage, you're basically driving around in a little bubble of internet access.

This is useful for a number of reasons. It means you save your phone's data while out and about. It means you can work from pretty much anywhere with network coverage. And while you can't (and shouldn't!) browse the web while rocketing along the roadways of Britain, it's a great tool for keeping your other passengers busy while you drive.